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Inshipment Marketing

Inshipment Marketing

We at Prospect believe in supplying inventive ecommerce marketing point of sale pieces to raise your brands sales. We aim to drive traffic back to your ecommerce site and customers back to your store with our clever in shipment marketing products, romanticising your customers experience with your brand.

Our offering is shaped to fit your dispatch note.

Why not present said document in a keeps sake receipt wallet; for presentation and memorabilia purposes, expanding the journey, making your customer feel as valued as they would in store.

So let’s build on this; we trust that post it notes are proving to be one of the simplest yet influential tools for getting your message out there. The size of the post-it note means it’s not overwhelming, inexpensive and part adhesive, sticking firmly in place to the document your customer is looking to view upon delivery.

This is the ideal opportunity to add clever marketing, QR code, reduction savings, new collections and offers.

What’s more is we also offer a range of interactive marketing mailers, getting the customer involved in your offerings upon receipt of goods, creating more brand exposure and response.

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Inshipment Marketing